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Accepted Papers

ARSteth: Enabling Home Self-Screening with AR-Assisted Intelligent Stethoscopes
Keywords: digital stethoscope; human computer interaction; smart home
Kaiyuan Hou, Stephen Xia, Emily Bejerano, Junyi Wu, Xiaofan Jiang (Columbia University)

Addressing Practical Challenges in Acoustic Sensing To Enable Fast Motion Tracking
Keywords: acoustic motion tracking; fast motion tracking; SNR enhancement
Yongzhao Zhang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Hao Pan (SJTU), Yi-Chao Chen (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Lili Qiu (University of Texas at Austin), Yu Lu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Guangtao Xue (SJTU), Jiadi Yu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Feng Lyu (Central South University), Haonan Wang (SJTU)

CMA: Cross-Modal Association Between Wearable and Structural Vibration Signal Segments for Indoor Occupant Sensing
Keywords: Cross-modal Association; Multimodal Sensing; Human Sensing
Yue Zhang, Zhizhang Hu (University of California Merced), Uri Berger (Yale University, Child Study Center, Anxiety and Mood Disorders Program), Shijia Pan (University of California Merced)

CoEdge: A Cooperative Edge System for Distributed Real-Time Deep Learning Tasks
Keywords: Smart City; Edge Computing; Distributed Deep Learning System; Real-time Scheduling; Edge Containerization
Zhehao Jiang (The Chinese Univeristy of Hong Kong), Neiwen Ling, Xuan Huang, Shuyao Shi, Chenhao Wu, Xiaoguang Zhao, Zhenyu Yan, Guoliang Xing (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

DeepGANTT: A Scalable Deep Learning Scheduler for Backscatter Networks
Keywords: scheduling; machine learning; wireless backscatter communications; combinatorial optimization
Daniel F. Perez-Ramirez (RISE Computer Science, Sweden and KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden), Carlos Pérez-Penichet, Nicolas Tsiftes (RISE Computer Science, Sweden), Thiemo Voigt (Uppsala University, Sweden and RISE Computer Science, Sweden), Dejan Kostić (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden and RISE Computer Science, Sweden), Magnus Boman (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden)

Everything has its Bad Side and Good Side: Turning Processors to Low Overhead Radios Using Side-Channels
Keywords: Physical side-channels; Embedded systems; Low overhead communication
Justin Feng, Timothy Jacques, Omid Abari, Nader Sehatbakhsh (UCLA)

Experience: ARISTOTLE: wAke-up ReceIver-based, STar tOpology baTteryLEss sensor network
Keywords: batteryless system design; wake-up receiver; ultra-low-power networking; energy harvesting; real-world deployment
Sayedsepehr Mosavat (University of Duisburg-Essen, Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences), Matteo Zella (Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences), Marcus Handte, Alexander Julian Golkowski, Pedro José Marrón (University of Duisburg-Essen)

FLoRa: Energy-Efficient, Reliable, and Beamforming-Assisted Over-The-Air Firmware Update in LoRa Networks
Keywords: LoRa; Firmware Update Over-The-Air
Zehua Sun, Tao Ni, Huanqi Yang, Kai Liu (City University of Hong Kong), Yu Zhang, Tao Gu (Macquarie University), Weitao Xu (City University of Hong Kong)

Hydra: Concurrent Coordination for Fault-tolerant Networking
Andreas Biri, Reto Da Forno, Tobias Kuonen (ETH Zurich), Fabian Mager (TU Dresden), Marco Zimmerling (University of Freiburg), Lothar Thiele (ETH Zurich)

Interpersonal Distance Tracking with mmWave Radar and IMUs
Keywords: Human-centered computing~Ambient intelligence; Human-centered computing~Mobile computing; Computer systems organization~Sensor networks
Yimin Dai (Nanyang Technological University), Xian Shuai (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), Rui Tan (Nanyang Technological University), Guoliang Xing (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Link Quality Modeling for LoRa Networks in Orchards
Keywords: Low-Power Wide-Area Networks; LoRa; Link quality; Signal propagation model; First Fresnel Zone
Kang Yang, Yuning Chen (University of California, Merced), Xuanren Chen, Wan Du (University of California Merced)

LoPhy: A Resilient and Fast Covert Channel over LoRa PHY
Boya Liu, Chaojie Gu, Shibo He, Jiming Chen (Zhejiang University)

MicroDeblur: Image Motion Deblurring on Microcontroller-based Vision Systems
Keywords: image deblurring; blind deconvolution; on-device deep neural networks; microcontroller
Seulki Lee (UNIST (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology))

Mosaic: Extremely Low-resolution RFID Vision for Visually-anonymized Action Recognition
Keywords: Wireless Battery-Free Camera, Neural Networks, Human Action; Recognition, RFID
Seungwoo Shim, Hyeonho Shin, Myeongkyun Cho (KAIST), Youngki Lee (Seoul National University), Jinwoo Shin, Song Min Kim (KAIST)

Network On or Off? Instant Global Binary Decisions over UWB with Flick
Enrico Soprana, Matteo Trobinger, Davide Vecchia, Gian Pietro Picco (University of Trento, Italy)

POS: An Operator Scheduling Framework for Multi-model Inference on Edge Intelligent Computing
Keywords: edge computing; multi-model inference; operator scheduling; deep reinforcement earning
Ziyang Zhang (Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China), Huan Li, Yang Zhao (Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen, China), Changyao Lin (Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China), Jie Liu (Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen, China)

Platypus: Sub-mm Micro-Displacement Sensing with Passive Millimeter-wave Tags As Phase Carriers
Keywords: mmWave Radar; FMCW Phase; Structural Health Monitoring; Microdisplacement Sensing
Thomas Horton King (Carnegie Mellon University), Jizheng He, Chun-Kai (Sean) Yao (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign), Akarsh Prabhakara (Carnegie Mellon University), Mohamad Alipour (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign), Swarun Kumar, Anthony Rowe (Carnegie Mellon University), Elahe Soltanaghai (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)

PointSplit: Towards On-device 3D Object Detection with Heterogenous Low-power Accelerators
Keywords: 3D object detection; On-device machine learning; Edge computing; Quantization
Keondo Park, You Rim Choi, Inhoe Lee, Hyung-Sin Kim (Seoul National University)

SpectraLux: Towards Exploiting a Broader Spectrum with Passive VLC
Seyed Keyarash Ghiasi, Vivian Dsouza (TU Delft), Koen Langendoen (Delft University of Technology), Marco Zuniga (TU Delft)

WINC: A Wireless IoT Network for Multi-Noise Source Cancellation
Keywords: Multi-source Noise Cancellation; Active Noise Cancellation; Acoustics; Internet of Things; Edge Computing; Frequency Domain Adaptive Filter; Earable
Ishani Janveja, Jiaming Wang, Junfeng Guan (UIUC), Suraj Jog (UIUC, Microsoft Research), Haitham Hassanieh (EPFL)

WibZig: Reliable and Commodity-device Compatible PHY-CTC via Chip Emulation in Phase
Tao Cheng, Shining Li, Feng Jiao (Northwestern Polytechnical University), Yan Pan (National University of Defense Technology)

mmRipple: Communicating with mmWave Radars through Smartphone Vibration
Kaiyan Cui (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Xi'an Jiaotong University), Qiang Yang, Yuanqing Zheng (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University), Jinsong Han (Zhejiang University)