Camera-Ready Instructions

Camera-ready papers for the IPSN 2023 proceedings are due March 6, 2023. To prepare the camera-ready version of your paper, you need to do the following:

  • Work with the shepherd to address all the reviewers' comments. The shepherd will be ultimately responsible for accepting or rejecting your submission. (For shepherding, please use the 2-column original template.)
  • Fill out the copyright (ACM eRights) form through hotcrp.
  • Upload your paper using the new single-column format in the TAPS system through the link you will receive after completing the ACM eRights form.

To prepare the camera-ready version of your paper, you need to do the following:

ACM eRights and final submission

  • Authors will receive an email regarding the eRight process to fill out the copyright form.
  • After authors complete their e-Rights forms, they will receive a separate email from ACM TAPS ( This will contain instructions on uploading your source, supplementary, and auxiliary files for processing.
  • This instructional video on the new ACM TAPS workflow contains useful information.


  • Page limit: The final camera-ready version should include at most 20 pages of technical content (including figures and tables) and no more than 4 pages of references. The pages should be single-spaced, 8.5" x 11", with 9-pt font size.
  • Template: Please use the ACM Primary Article template. Use the MANUSCRIPT option to generate a single-column version of your draft (\documentclass[]{acmart}).
  • All figures must have \description{} commands, defining the "alt-text" used by screen readers.
  • See here for more details on general ACM template instructions.
  • After completing the ACM eRights form, you will receive another email from, which contains the commands that need to be inserted into your final LaTeX file to generate the proper rights statement and Bibstrip data.
  • Please do not use \begin{minipage} or other commands to make Figure 2 page as the ACM TAPS will convert your paper to a 2-column format after submission.

Submitting the Camera-ready Version

Please uplaod the camera-ready version to

Camera-ready submission deadline: March 6, 2023 (AOE).