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Andel's Hotel Berlin
Landsberger Allee 106
10369 Berlin, Germany

email: info (at)
phone: +49 30 453 053 0
fax: +49 30 453 053 2099

Located next to the Velodrom and nearby the Alexanderplatz, the Andel's Hotel Berlin is at the pulse of the Berlin city. The 60m high tower allows visitors to have a look over the vibant city. From the hotel, Berlin sights are just a step away, and with good connections to the Berlin subway, the city can be explored.

Attendees can get more information about the conference venue (reservations, parking, and directions) here.

For travel logistics, please go to the CPS week website available here.


1. NSF Travel Grant

NSF travel support available for the student participation (students from US only). Please click here for more details.

2. Networking Networking Women Fellowships

Networking Networking (N^2) Women offers fellowships covering travel costs for female graduate students planning to attend premier technical conferences in the fields of networking and communications. In exchange, the student must help organize the N^2 Women meeting at that conference. The benefit of doing the organization, in addition to the travel funds, is for the student to connect with the organizers of the conference who are, typically, leaders in the research field. Moreover, N^2 Women will arrange for a faculty or research member of N^2 Women to assist/mentor the student in this task. Funding for these fellowships has generously been provided by HP Labs, Microsoft Research, and SIGMOBILE. These awards will partially cover a student's travel cost (up to $500) to a meeting where an N^2 Women event will be held.

To apply for a fellowship, please visit this page and click the Fellowships link. We are particularly interested in students organizing events at the following venues, with deadlines for applying for a fellowship as shown.

Application deadline for IPSN 2014 is 14 March 2014.

N^2 Women is a discipline-specific community for researchers in the communications and networking research fields. The main goal of N^2 Women is to foster connections among the under-represented women in computer networking and related research fields. N^2 Women allows women to connect with other women who share the same research interests, who attend the same conferences, who face the same career hurdles, and who experience the same obstacles. For more information or to join, please see this page. N^2 Women is an ACM SIGMOBILE program that is supported by the IEEE Communications Society, Microsoft Research and HP Labs.

IPSN 2014: The 13th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Information Processing in Sensor Networks
Questions or comments about the website? Please contact Mohammed Shoaib, Web Chair, IPSN 2014