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Ph.D. Forum
Tuesday, May 18
Time (CDT)
Welcome Message Zoom Slack 9:00 AM CDT
Designing Adversarial Robust and Explainable Malware Detection System for Android based Smartphones Hemant Rathore (Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India)9:05 AM CDT
User Identification Using Smart Pill Bottles - Systems and Machine Learning Models Murtadha Aldeer (Rutgers University, USA)9:25 AM CDT
Towards Reducing Labeling Efforts in IoT-based Machine Learning Systems Tahiya Chowdhury (Rutgers University, USA) 9:45 AM CDT
Panel Discussion10:05 AM CDT
Closing Remarks10:35 AM CDT

Wednesday, May 19Time (CDT)
Keynote: Optimizing Machine Learning on Any Device, Automatically!
Matt Welsh (OctoML) Video
9:00 AM CDT
IPSN Welcome Message Zoom Slack 10:15 AM CDT
Session 1: Wireless, Chair: Hyung-Sin Kim Zoom Slack Videos 10:30 AM CDT
A3 : Adaptive Autonomous Allocation of TSCH Slots Seohyang Kim, Hyung-Sin Kim, Chongkwon Kim (Seoul National University)  
BLEX: Flexible Multi-Connection Scheduling for Bluetooth Low Energy Eunjeong Park (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and INMC, Seoul National University); Hyung-Sin Kim (Graduate School of Data Science, Seoul National University); Saewoong Bahk (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and INMC, Seoul National University)  
PRComm: Anti-interference Cross-Technology Communication Based on Pseudo-random Sequence Wei Wang, Dingsheng He (Northwest University); Tao Gu (Macquarie University); Wan Jia (Northwest University); Haiyan Liu, Xiaoyang Sun (University of Leeds); Fuping Wu (Xidian University); Xiaojiang Chen (Northwest University)  
Break 11:30 AM CDT
Session 2: Location, Chair: Phillip Sommer Zoom Slack Videos 11:45 AM CDT
Dancing Waltz with Ghosts: Measuring Sub-mm-Level 2D Rotor Orbit with a Single mmWave Radar Junchen Guo, Meng Jin, Yuan He, Weiguo Wang, Yunhao Liu (Tsinghua University)  
Locating Everyday Objects using NFC Textiles Jingxian Wang, Junbo Zhang (Carnegie Mellon University); Ke Li (Cornell University); Chengfeng Pan, Carmel Majidi, Swarun Kumar (Carnegie Mellon University)  
OwLL: Accurate LoRa Localization using the TV Whitespaces Atul Bansal, Akshay Gadre, Vaibhav Singh, Anthony Rowe, Bob Iannucci, Swarun Kumar (Carnegie Mellon University)  
Break 12:45 PM CDT
Session 3: Monitoring, Chair: Shahriar Nirjon Zoom Slack Videos 1:00 PM CDT
Magneto: Joint Motion Analysis Using an Electromagnet-Based Sensing Method Amanda Watson (University of Pennsylvania); Andrew Lyubovsky, Ken Koltermann, Gang Zhou (William & Mary)  
BLE Can See: A Reinforcement Learning Approach for RF-based Indoor Occupancy Detection Md Fazlay Rabbi Masum Billah, Nurani Saoda, Jiechao Gao, Bradford Campbell (University of Virginia)  
PrivacyGuard: Enhancing Smart Home User Privacy Keyang Yu, Qi Li, Dong Chen, Mohammad Ashiqur Rahman (Florida International University); Shiqiang Wang (IBM Research)  
Break 2:00 PM CDT
CPS IoT Week Joint Poster and Demo Session Gather 2:15-4:00 PM CDT

Thursday, May 20Time (CDT)
Keynote: Toward AI-enhanced Design of Resilient Cyber-Physical Systems: a Journey from Inception to Present Times
Bruno Sinopoli (Washington University in St. Louis)
9:00 AM CDT
Session 4: User Interaction, Chair: Jin Nakazawa Zoom Slack Videos 10:15 AM CDT
DeepLight: Robust & Unobtrusive Real-time Screen-Camera Communication for Real-World Displays Vu Tran (Singapore Management University), Gihan Jayatilaka (University of Peradeniya), Ashwin Ashok (Georgia State University), Archan Misra (Singapore Management University)  
ExGSense: Toward Facial Gesture Sensing and Reconstruction with a Sparse Near-Eye Sensor Array Chen Chen, Ke Sun, Xinyu Zhang (University of California San Diego)  
MagicInput: Training-free Multi-lingual Finger Input System using Data Augmentation based on MNISTs Hao Pan, Qi Ye, Yi-Chao Chen, Guangtao Xue (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)  
Break 11:15 AM CDT
Session 5: Deep Sensing, Chair: Shuochao Yao Zoom Slack Videos 11:45 AM CDT
PhyAug: Physics-Directed Data Augmentation for Deep Sensing Model Transfer in Cyber-Physical Systems Wenjie Luo, Zhenyu Yan (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore); Qun Song (School of Computer Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore); Rui Tan (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)  
Optimal sensor channel selection for resource-efficient deep activity recognition Clayton Frederick Souza Leite, Yu Xiao (Aalto University, Espoo, Finland)  
Deep Functional Network (DFN): Functional Interpretation of Deep Neural Networks for Intelligent Sensing Systems Seulki Lee, Shahriar Nirjon (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)  
Break 12:45 PM CDT
Session 6: Security, Chair: Jie Gao Zoom Slack Videos 1:00 PM CDT
On the Root of Trust Identification Problem Ivan De Oliveira Nunes (UC Irvine), Xuhua Ding (Singapore Management University), Gene Tsudik (UC Irvine)  
Moonshine: An Online Randomness Distiller for Zero-Involvement Authentication Jack West (Loyola University Chicago), Kyuin Lee (University of Wisconsin), Suman Banerjee (University of Wisconsin -- Madison), Younghyun Kim (University of Wisconsin–Madison), George K. Thiruvathukal, Neil Klingensmith (Loyola University Chicago)  
A Novel Model-Based Security Scheme for LoRa Key Generation Jiayao Gao (UNSW Sydney), Weitao Xu (City University of Hong Kong), Salil S Kanhere (UNSW, Sydney), Sanjay Jha, Wenkai Gong (UNSW Sydney), Jun Young Kim, Walter Huang (WBS Technology), Wen Hu (UNSW Australia, Sydney, Australia)  
CPS IoT Week Joint Virtual Reception Gather 2:00 PM CDT

Friday, May 21Time (CDT)
Awards and Closing Remarks 8:30 AM CDT
Keynote: Foundations of Programming Cyber-Physical Systems
Rupak Majumdar (Max Plank Institute for Software Systems)
9:00 AM CDT
IPSN Awards Zoom Slack 10:15 AM CDT
Session 7: Audio, Chair: Xiaofan Fred Jiang Zoom Slack Videos 10:30 AM CDT
InaudibleKey: Generic Inaudible Acoustic Signal based Key Agreement Protocol for Mobile Devices Weitao Xu (City University of Hong Kong); Zhenjiang Li (City University of Hong Kong; City University of Hong Kong Shenzhen Research Institute); Wanli Xue (UNSW; Australia Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre (CSCRC)); Xiaotong Yu (UNSW); Bo Wei (Northumbria University); Jia Wang, Chengwen Luo (Shenzhen University); Wei Li, Albert Y. Zomaya (The University of Sydney)  
Sound-Adapter: Multi-Source Domain Adaptation for Acoustic Classification Through Domain Discovery Md Tamzeed Islam (UNC Chapel Hill); Shahriar Nirjon (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)  
CSafe: An Intelligent Audio Wearable Platform for Improving Construction Worker Safety in Urban Environments Stephen Xia, Jingping Nie, Xiaofan Jiang (Columbia University)  
Break 11:30 AM CDT
Session 8: Systems, Chair: Pat Pannuto Zoom Slack Videos 11:45 PM CDT
Repurposing Cathodic Protection Systems as Reliable, in-situ, Ambient Batteries for Sensor Networks Dhananjay Jagtap, Pat Pannuto (UCSD)  
WARP: On-the-fly Program Synthesis for Agile, Real-time, and Reliable Wireless Networks Ryan Brummet, Md Kowsar Hossain, Octav Chipara, Ted Herman, Steve Goddard (University of Iowa)  
Efficient Execution of Deep Neural Networks on Mobile Devices with NPU Tianxiang Tan, Guohong Cao (Penn State University)  
Break 12:45 PM CDT
Session 9: Applications, Chair: Shijia Pan Zoom Slack Videos 1:00 PM CDT
PigNet: Failure-Tolerant Pig Activity Monitoring System Using Structural Vibration Amelie Bonde, Jesse R Codling, Kanittha Naruethep (Carnegie Mellon University); Yiwen Dong (Stanford University); Wachirawich Siripaktanakon, Sripong Ariyadech, Akkarit Sangpetch, Orathai Sangpetch (King Monkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang); Shijia Pan (University of California Merced); Hae Young Noh (Stanford University); Pei Zhang (Carnegie Mellon University)  
Watching the Grid: Utility-Independent Measurements of Electricity Reliability in Accra, Ghana Noah Klugman, Joshua Adkins, Emily Paszkiewicz (UC Berkeley / nLine Inc.); Molly Hickman (Virginia Tech / nLine Inc.); Matthew Podolsky (UC Berkeley); Jay Taneja (University of Massachusetts Amherst); Prabal Dutta (UC Berkeley / nLine Inc.)  
IPSN Closing Remarks 1:40 PM CDT