Note: Please note that the formatting guidelines have been updated for paper submissions! Please ensure that you are using the correct format before uploading your submissions.

Formatting Guidelines

Full papers must be at most 12 single-spaced 8.5" x 11" (US letter) pages, including figures, tables, and references, two-column format, using 10-point type on 12-point (single-spaced) leading, with a maximum text block of 7" wide x 9" deep. Left and right margins must be >= 0.75". Top and bottom margins must be >= 1". Each column should be 3.33" with a 0.33" gutter. Each column must contain no more than 55 lines of text. We also solicit short papers (maximum six pages) containing interesting technical nuggets.

Papers must be submitted as PDF files using the 2017 ACM Master article template


Paper submissions are double-blind so authors must anonymize their submissions. By submitting a manuscript to IPSN'17, the authors guarantee that the manuscript has not been previously published or accepted for publication in a substantially similar form in any conference, journal, or the archived proceedings of a workshop (e.g., in the ACM Digital Library or IEEE Xplore Digital Library) — see exceptions below. The authors also guarantee that no paper that contains significant overlap with the contributions of the submitted paper will be under review for any other conference or journal or an archived proceedings of a workshop during the IPSN'17 review period.

To avoid potential confusion during the review process, authors are welcome to send emails to the TPC chairs to clarify, such as, "A related paper is under review at conference X. That paper uses method Y but this paper focuses on method Z." Violation of any of these conditions will lead to rejection. The only exceptions to the above rules are for the author's own papers in (1) workshops without archived proceedings such as in the ACM Digital Library (or where the authors chose not to have their paper appear in the archived proceedings), or (2) tech reports, notes, or blogs that are not peer reviewed. In all such cases, the submitted manuscript may ignore the above work to preserve + author anonymity. This information must, however, be provided on the submission form — the PC chair will make this information available to reviewers if it becomes necessary to ensure a fair review. This policy will be explicitly conveyed to the reviewers. As always, if you are in doubt, it is best to contact the program chair. Finally, we also note that the ACM Plagiarism Policy covers a range of ethical issues concerning the misrepresentation of other works or one's own work.


Full papers may be submitted through weblink.
For submission of posters and demos, see the Posters/Demos page.

* The descriptions of the submission guidelines and anonymization are adopted from IPSN'17.

Key Dates

Paper Abstract Registration: September 29th, 2017
Paper Submission Deadline: (Firm): October, 6th 2017
Response Period: January 8-10, 2018
Acceptance Notification: January 15, 2018
Camera-Ready Deadline:: Februray 16, 2018