IPSN '15- Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Information Processing in Sensor Networks

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SESSION: Communications & networking algorithms and protocols

TIIM: technology-independent interference mitigation for low-power wireless networks

  • Anwar Hithnawi
  • Hossein Shafagh
  • Simon Duquennoy

Decentralized multichannel medium access control: viewing desynchronization as a convex optimization method

  • Nikos Deligiannis
  • João F. C. Mota
  • George Smart
  • Yiannis Andreopoulos

Bringing multi-antenna gain to energy-constrained wireless devices

  • Sanjib Sur
  • Teng Wei
  • Xinyu Zhang

Optimal placement of protective jammers for securing wireless transmissions in a geographic domain

  • Esther Arkin
  • Yuval Cassuto
  • Alon Efrat
  • Guy Grebla
  • Joseph S. B. Mitchell
  • Swaminathan Sankararaman
  • Michael Segal

SESSION: Hardware and software platforms

RAMP: accelerating wireless sensor hardware design with a reconfigurable analog/mixed-signal platform

  • Brandon Rumberg
  • David W. Graham
  • Spencer Clites
  • Brandon M. Kelly
  • Mir Mohammad Navidi
  • Alex Dilello
  • Vinod Kulathumani

SunaPlayer: high-accuracy emulation of solar cells

  • Stanislav Bobovych
  • Nilanjan Banerjee
  • Ryan Robucci
  • James P. Parkerson
  • Jackson Schmandt
  • Chintan Patel

A software-defined sensor architecture for large-scale wideband spectrum monitoring

  • Damian Pfammatter
  • Domenico Giustiniano
  • Vincent Lenders

ORBIT: a smartphone-based platform for data-intensive embedded sensing applications

  • Mohammad-Mahdi Moazzami
  • Dennis E. Phillips
  • Rui Tan
  • Guoliang Xing

SESSION: Signal processing and activity recognition

Tongue-n-cheek: non-contact tongue gesture recognition

  • Zheng Li
  • Ryan Robucci
  • Nilanjan Banerjee
  • Chintan Patel

Hand hygiene duration and technique recognition using wrist-worn sensors

  • Valerie Galluzzi
  • Ted Herman
  • Philip Polgreen

Graph scale-space theory for distributed peak and pit identification

  • Andreas Loukas
  • Marco Cattani
  • Marco Zuniga
  • Jie Gao

Cost-aware compressive sensing for networked sensing systems

  • Liwen Xu
  • Xiaohong Hao
  • Nicholas D. Lane
  • Xin Liu
  • Thomas Moscibroda

SESSION: Localization and device-free sensing

PIR sensors: characterization and novel localization technique

  • Sujay Narayana
  • R. Venkatesha Prasad
  • Vijay S. Rao
  • T. V. Prabhakar
  • Sripad S. Kowshik
  • Madhuri Sheethala Iyer

Radio-based device-free activity recognition with radio frequency interference

  • Bo Wei
  • Wen Hu
  • Mingrui Yang
  • Chun Tung Chou

dRTI: directional radio tomographic imaging

  • Bo Wei
  • Ambuj Varshney
  • Neal Patwari
  • Wen Hu
  • Thiemo Voigt
  • Chun Tung Chou

A realistic evaluation and comparison of indoor location technologies: experiences and lessons learned

  • Dimitrios Lymberopoulos
  • Jie Liu
  • Xue Yang
  • Romit Roy Choudhury
  • Vlado Handziski
  • Souvik Sen

SESSION: Social and urban sensing

Debiasing crowdsourced quantitative characteristics in local businesses and services

  • Robin Wentao Ouyang
  • Lance Kaplan
  • Paul Martin
  • Alice Toniolo
  • Mani Srivastava
  • Timothy J. Norman

Scalable social sensing of interdependent phenomena

  • Shiguang Wang
  • Lu Su
  • Shen Li
  • Shaohan Hu
  • Tanvir Amin
  • Hongwei Wang
  • Shuochao Yao
  • Lance Kaplan
  • Tarek Abdelzaher

QueueVadis: queuing analytics using smartphones

  • Tadashi Okoshi
  • Yu Lu
  • Chetna Vig
  • Youngki Lee
  • Rajesh Krishna Balan
  • Archan Misra

Feeder: supporting last-mile transit with extreme-scale urban infrastructure data

  • Desheng Zhang
  • Juanjuan Zhao
  • Fan Zhang
  • Ruobing Jiang
  • Tian He

SESSION: Applications and deployments

Geo-referenced proximity detection of wildlife with WildScope: design and characterization

  • Gian Pietro Picco
  • Davide Molteni
  • Amy L. Murphy
  • Federico Ossi
  • Francesca Cagnacci
  • Michele Corrà
  • Sandro Nicoloso

How hot is piping hot?: lower energy consumption with smarter hot water delivery

  • Yong Sun
  • Md Anindya Prodhan
  • Erin Griffiths
  • Kamin Whitehouse

Samba: a smartphone-based robot system for energy-efficient aquatic environment monitoring

  • Yu Wang
  • Rui Tan
  • Guoliang Xing
  • Jianxun Wang
  • Xiaobo Tan
  • Xiaoming Liu

SESSION: Safety, reliability, and security

Reducing multi-hop calibration errors in large-scale mobile sensor networks

  • Olga Saukh
  • David Hasenfratz
  • Lothar Thiele

TARDIS: software-only system-level record and replay in wireless sensor networks

  • Matthew Tancreti
  • Vinaitheerthan Sundaram
  • Saurabh Bagchi
  • Patrick Eugster

SIFT: building an internet of safe things

  • Chieh-Jan Mike Liang
  • Börje F. Karlsson
  • Nicholas D. Lane
  • Feng Zhao
  • Junbei Zhang
  • Zheyi Pan
  • Zhao Li
  • Yong Yu

SIoT: securing the internet of things through distributed system analysis

  • Fernando A. Teixeira
  • Gustavo V. Machado
  • Fernando M. Q. Pereira
  • Hao Chi Wong
  • José M. S. Nogueira
  • Leonardo B. Oliveira

POSTER SESSION: Poster abstracts

Radio signature based posture recognition using WBSN

  • Alexis Aulery
  • Christian Roland
  • Jean-Philippe Diguet
  • Zhongwei Zheng
  • Olivier Sentieys
  • Pascal Scalart

Intelligent diagnostic framework using HMMs and mel-frequency cepstral coefficients applied to wind power machine

  • Mónica Maricela Chamay Castro
  • Young-Jin Kim

Link weight based truth discovery in social sensing

  • Chao Huang
  • Dong Wang

Wind speed and direction estimation using manifold approximation

  • Chinh Dang
  • Ammar Safaie
  • Mantha Phanikumar
  • Hayder Radha

STIM: smart train infrastructure monitoring

  • George Lederman
  • Jacobo Bielak
  • Hae Young Noh

Using wearable equipment to construct monitoring maps in large-scale petrochemical plants

  • Lei Shu
  • Kailiang Li
  • Junlin Zen
  • Huilin Sun
  • Zhiqiang Huo
  • Zhangbing Zhou

Screen dynamics analysis-based adaptive frame skipping for efficient mobile screen sharing

  • Puleum Bae
  • JeongGil Ko
  • Jaehong Ryu
  • Young-Bae Ko

Design insights for a mobile based sensor application framework: for aiding platform independent algorithm design

  • Avik Ghose
  • Shahnawaz Alam
  • Nasimuddin Ahmed
  • Santa Maiti
  • Anirban DuttaChoudhury
  • Arpan Pal

Improving WSNs sleep scheduling mechanism with SDN-like architecture

  • Yanwen Wang
  • Hainan Chen
  • Xiaoling Wu
  • Lei Shu

FuzzyCAT: a novel procedure for refining the F-transform based sensor data compression

  • Vasilisa Bashlovkina
  • Mohamed Abdelaal
  • Oliver Theel

Detecting malicious morphological alterations of ECG signals in body sensor networks

  • Hang Cai
  • Krishna K. Venkatasubramanian

Structural sensing system with networked dynamic sensing configuration

  • Shijia Pan
  • Mostafa Mirshekari
  • Hae Young Noh
  • Pei Zhang

Secure brightness/contrast filter using fully homomorphic encryption

  • Thomas Shortell
  • Ali Shokoufandeh

CleanHands: an integrated monitoring system for control of hospital acquired infections

  • Prasant Misra
  • Vasanth Rajaraman
  • S. N. Aishwarya
  • Bharat Dwivedi
  • Jay Warrior

A model for semantic localization

  • Matthew Weber
  • Edward Lee

Improving the error drift of inertial navigation based indoor location tracking

  • Sourjya Sarkar
  • Avik Ghose
  • Archan Misra

Towards enabling concurrent transmissions in heterogeneous networks

  • Martina Brachmann
  • Dennis Becker
  • Silvia Santini

Road congestion sensing via crowdsourcing and MapReduce

  • Ayush Jain
  • Saswat Raj
  • Harshit
  • Rajiv Misra
  • B. M. Baveja

Predictable wireless embedded platforms

  • Felix Sutton
  • Reto Da Forno
  • Marco Zimmerling
  • Roman Lim
  • Tonio Gsell
  • Federico Ferrari
  • Jan Beutel
  • Lothar Thiele

Wake-up flooding: an asynchronous network flooding primitive

  • Felix Sutton
  • Lothar Thiele

SiCILIA: a smart sensor system for clothing insulation inference using heat exchange

  • Ala Shaabana
  • Rong Zheng
  • Zhipeng Xu

CheepSync: a time synchronization service for resource constrained bluetooth low energy advertisers

  • Sabarish Sridhar
  • Prasant Misra
  • Jay Warrior

WiFi positioning with propagation-based calibration

  • Teemu Pulkkinen
  • Johannes Verwijnen
  • Petteri Nurmi

Spatio-temporal analysis of state-of-charge streams for electric vehicles

  • Junghoon Lee
  • Gyung-Leen Park
  • Yumin Cho
  • Suna Kim
  • Jiwon Jung

Vehicle detection and speed estimation with PIR sensors

  • Brian Donovan
  • Yanning Li
  • Raphael Stern
  • Jiming Jiang
  • Christian Claudel
  • Daniel Work

BioMeSensi: a wearable multi-sensing platform for bio-medical applications

  • Sami Ahmari
  • Alireza Ameri
  • Sivasankar Padmanabhan
  • Keerthi Parameshwaran
  • Kareem Ragheb
  • Mohammad Mozumdar

Enabling plug-n-play for the internet of things with self describing devices

  • Vasanth Rajaraman
  • Prasant Misra
  • Kumaresh Dhotrad
  • Jay Warrior

Step-level person localization through sparse sensing of structural vibration

  • Mostafa Mirshekari
  • Shijia Pan
  • Adeola Bannis
  • Yan Pui Mike Lam
  • Pei Zhang
  • Hae Young Noh

Robust vision-based indoor localization

  • Ronald Clark
  • Niki Trigoni
  • Andrew Markham

A column matching based algorithm for target self-localization using beacon nodes

  • Y. R. Venugopalakrishna
  • Chandra R. Murthy
  • Prasant Misra
  • Jay Warrior

Fleye on the car: big data meets the internet of things

  • Soliman Nasser
  • Andew Barry
  • Marek Doniec
  • Guy Peled
  • Guy Rosman
  • Daniela Rus
  • Mikhail Volkov
  • Dan Feldman

DEMONSTRATION SESSION: Demonstration abstract

A web-based camera dispatch system for video surveillance with dynamic requirements

  • Kuan-Yi Li
  • Jia-Ming Liang
  • Chung-Shuo Fan
  • Yu-Chee Tseng
  • Yi-Ting Lin
  • Kun-Ru Wu
  • Ting-Yu Lin

Extensible modular wireless sensor and actuator network and IoT platform with plug&play module connection

  • Konstantin Mikhaylov
  • Juha Petäjäjärvi
  • Marko Mäkeläinen
  • Anton Paatelma
  • Tuomo Hänninen

Detecting and localizing border crossings using RF links

  • Peter Hillyard
  • Neal Patwari

A smart helmet for network level early warning in large scale petrochemical plants

  • Lei Shu
  • Kailiang Li
  • Junlin Zen
  • Xiangjie Li
  • Huilin Sun
  • Zhiqiang Huo
  • Guangjie Han

SiCILIA: a smart sensor system for clothing insulation inference using heat exchange

  • Ala Shaabana
  • Rong Zheng
  • Zhipeng Xu

A participatory transport trip quality measurement system

  • Zhe Xiao
  • Lucien Loiseau
  • Hock Beng Lim

A low-cost sensor platform for large-scale wideband spectrum monitoring

  • Roberto Calvo-Palomino
  • Damian Pfammatter
  • Domenico Giustiniano
  • Vincent Lenders

Health-optimal routing in urban areas

  • David Hasenfratz
  • Tabita Arn
  • Ivo de Concini
  • Olga Saukh
  • Lothar Thiele

Software-only system-level record and replay in wireless sensor networks

  • Matthew Tancreti
  • Vinaitheerthan Sundaram
  • Saurabh Bagchi
  • Patrick Eugster

RAMP: accelerating wireless sensor hardware design with a reconfigurable analog/mixed-signal platform

  • Brandon M. Kelly
  • Brandon Rumberg
  • David W. Graham
  • Vinod Kulathumani
  • Spencer Clites
  • Alex Dilello
  • Mir Mohammad Navidi

Decentralized time-synchronized channel swapping

  • George Smart
  • Nikos Deligiannis
  • João F. C. Mota
  • Yiannis Andreopoulos

Exploration and topological mapping with Hexbugs

  • Alireza Dirafzoon
  • Edgar Lobaton
  • Alper Bozkurt

Detecting deterioration of nearsightness

  • Xiaolin Fang
  • Junzhou Luo
  • Hong Gao
  • Weiwei Wu
  • Siyao Cheng
  • Zhipeng Cai

Games of drones: an affective game with cyber-physical systems

  • David Zhao
  • Aakanksha Chowdhery
  • Ashish Kapoor
  • Shivani Bahl

RUBreathing: non-contact real time respiratory rate monitoring system

  • Anh Luong
  • Spencer Madsen
  • Michael Empey
  • Neal Patwari

Wearable sensor grid architecture for body posture and surface detection and rehabilitation

  • Atis Hermanis
  • Ricards Cacurs
  • Krisjanis Nesenbergs
  • Modris Greitans
  • Emil Syundyukov
  • Leo Selavo

From spotting the difference to spotting your difference

  • Tsung-Yen Chan
  • Po-Yen Chang
  • Yi Ren
  • Yu-Chee Tseng