Accepted Posters

Poster Abstract: Connected Wireless Camera Network Deployment with Visibility Coverage
Hua Huang; Chien-Chun Ni; Xiaomeng Ban; Jie Gao; Shan Lin
Poster Abstract: Using approximately synchronized Instruction Cycles as basic Operation Cycles for Wireless Sensor Networks
Gerhard Fuchs
Poster Abstract: Managing Road Lighting with a Hitchhiking Sensor System
Huang-Bin Huang; Yen-Shuo Huang; Pei-Che Huang; Hsiao-Hsien Lin; Huang-Chen Lee
Poster Abstract: Mobile-Cloud Service for Physiological Anomaly Detection on Smartphones
Dezhi Hong; Shahriar Nirjon; John A. Stankovic; David J. Stone; Guobin Shen
Poster Abstract: Range-Based Localization in Sensor Networks:Localizability and Accuracy
Liang Heng; Grace Xingxin Gao
Poster Abstract: SmartRoad: A Crowd-Sourced Traffic Regulator Detection and Identification System
Shaohan Hu; Lu Su; Hengchang Liu; Hongyan Wang; Tarek F. Abdelzaher
Poster Abstract: A Machine Learning Approach for Vehicle Classification using Passive Infrared and Ultrasonic Sensors
Ehsan Ullah Warriach; Christian Claudel
Poster Abstract: Extensible Sensor Network Solutions for Visitor Identification and Tracking
Richard M. Abbot; Jacquilene Jacob; Hock M. Ng
Poster Abstract: Human Localization and Activity Detection Using Thermopile Sensors
Hock M. Ng
Poster Abstract: Studied Wind Sensor Nodes Deployment Towards Accurate Data Fusion for Ship Movement Controlling
Lei Shu; Jianbin Xiong; Lei Wang; Jianwei Niu; Qinruo Wang
Poster Abstract: Enabling a Cloud-Based Logging Service for Ball Screw with an Autonomous Networked Sensor System
Huang-Chen Lee; Yu-Chang Chang; Yen-Shuo Huang; Wei-Kuan Wang; Yuan-Sun Chu
Poster Abstract: High Throughput Data Collection with Topology Adaptability in Wireless Sensor Network
Jinzhi Liu; Makoto Suzuki; Doohwan Lee; Shigemi Ishida; Hiroyuki Morikawa
Poster Abstract: Exploiting Nonlinear Data Similarities – A Multi-Scale Nearest- Neighbor Approach for Adaptive Sampling in Wireless Pollution Sensor Networks
Manik Gupta; Eliane Bodanese; Lamling Venus Shum; Stephen Hailes
Poster Abstract: Occupancy Estimation using Real and Virtual Sensors
Seshan Srirangarajan; Dirk Pesch
Poster Abstract: Human Tracking Based on LRF and Wearable IMU Data Fusion
Lin Wu; ZhuLin An; YongJun Xu; Li Cui
Poster Abstract: ASWP: A Long-Term WSN Deployment for Environmental Monitoring
Miguel Navarro; Tyler W. Davis; Yao Liang; Xu Liang
Poster Abstract: Virtualizing External Wireless Sensors for Designing Personalized Smartphone Sevices
JeongGil Ko; Byung-Bog Lee; Sang Gi Hong; Naesoo Kim
Poster Abstract: Voxnet Acoustic Array Node for Multiple Bird Source Separation by Beamforming using Measured Data
Kung Yao; T.Collier; L.Girod; R.E.Hudson; K.Yao; C.E.Taylor; M.Bao

Accepted Demos

Demo Abstract: Networking Algorithms on a Resource-Limited Distributed Mobile Embedded System
Mahdi Asadpour, Raymond Oung
Demo Abstract: Building Energy Simulation Testbed for Demand-Response
Madhur Behl, Neel Shah, Larry Vadakedathu, Dan Wheeler, Rahul Mangharam
Demo Abstract: Radio Tomographic System for Real-Time Multiple People Tracking
Maurizio Bocca, Ossi Kaltiokallio, Neal Patwari
Demo Abstract: A Magnetic Field-based Appliance Metering System
Niranjini Rajagopal, Suman Giri, Anthony Rowe, Mario Berges
Demo Abstract: Netamorph: Field-Programmable Analog Arrays for Energy-Efficient Sensor Networks
Brandon Rumberg, Brandon M. Kelly, David W. Graham, Vinod Kulathumani
Demo Abstract: Distributed Debugging Architecture for Wireless Sensor Networks
Philipp Sommer, Brano Kusy
Demo Abstract: MediaScope: Selective On-Demand Media Retrieval from Mobile Devices
Xing Xu, Yurong Jiang, Pete Terlecky, Tarek Abdelzaher, Amotz Bar-Noy, Ramesh Govindan
Demo Abstract:Low Capacity Devices with Semantic Interfaces
Arto Ylisaukko-oja, Jussi Kiljander, Esa Viljamaa, Janne Takalo-Mattila, Pasi Hyttinen, Juha-Pekka Soininen
Demo Abstract: Nemo: A High-fidelity Noninvasive Power Meter System for Wireless Sensor Networks
Ruogu Zhou, Guoliang Xing
Demo Abstract: Skitracker - measuring skiing performance using a Body-Area Network
Tom Homewood, Christer Norstrom, Per Gunningberg