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*      A Platform for Implantable Medical Device Validation

*      Demo Abstract: Enabling Energy Efficient Continuous Sensing on Mobile Phones with LittleRock

*      Run-time Compilation of Bytecode in Wireless Sensor Networks

*      SenPro: Concurrent Wireless Sensor Network System Profiling

*      A Vehicular Surveillance and Sensing System for Car Security and Tracking Applications

*      My Tai-Chi Book: A Virtual-Physical Social Network Platform

*      Demonstrating Principal Component Aggregation for distributed spatial pattern recognition

*      RatMote: A Sensor Platform for Animal Habitat Monitoring

*      Demo Abstract: Appliance Activity Monitoring Using Wireless Sensors

*      Multi-modal Fall Detection within the WeCare Framework

*      Smart Antennas Made Practical: The SPIDA Way

*      Demo Abstract: Augmenting Reality with IP-based Sensor Networks

*      Demo Abstract: Hibernets: Energy-Efficient Sensor Networks Using Analog Signal Processing

*      Real-time Burst Event Detection in Water Distribution Systems




*      The Design Considerations of a WSN-Based Rain Gauge Grid for Debris-Flow-Prone Area Monitoring

*      Emergency Response MAC Protocol (ER-MAC) for Wireless Sensor Networks

*      Statistical Vector based Point-to-Point Routing in Wireless Networks

*      Energy Optimization Framework for WSN Design

*      Poster Abstract: Monitoring Quantity And Quality Of Sleeping Using WISPs

*      Long-range Detection and High-range Resolution in Acoustic Sensor Networks

*      sMAP: Simple Monitoring and Action Profile

*      Image Sensing under Unfavorable Photographic Conditions with a Group of Wireless Image Sensors

*      Poster Abstract: A hardware-based remote attestation protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks

*      Exploiting Protocol Models for Generating Feasible Communication Stack Configurations

*      Poster Abstract: Using Meta-Code for Building Task-Specific WSNs

*      Neighbor Tables in Sensor Network Routing

*      AEGIS: A Rule Based Framework for Traffic Gatekeeping in Wireless Sensor Networks

*      Energy-efficient Localization for Virtual Fencing

*      Poster Abstract: Collecting Sensor Data using compressed IPFIX

*      Architecture for redundant knowledge reduction in embedded Fuzzy Rule-Based Systems into Wireless Sensor Network nodes

*      Alternative Path Creation vs Data Rate Reduction for Congestion Mitigation in Wireless Sensor Networks

*      User-Centric Radio Power Control for Opportunistic Mountain Hiking Networks

*      Energy Hole Prevention in Wireless Sensor Networks

*      Software Verification for TinyOS

*      Poster Abstract: Localization based on stochastic optimization and RSSI measurements

*      Distributed RSSI Processing for Intrusion Detection in Indoor Environments

*      Poster abstract: Low-Power Wireless IPv6 Routing with ContikiRPL

*      Discovering Routine Events in Sensor Streams for Macroscopic Sensing Composition

*      TOSPIE2: Tiny Operating System Plug-In for Energy Estimation

*      Poster Abstract: Towards a Framework for a Versatile Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network Platform

*      MobiSense: Power-Efficient Micro-Mobility in IPv6-based Sensor Networks

*      Experimental Evaluation of Multi-Hop Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Network