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Welcome to IPSN 2006 !

The Fifth International Conference on Information Processing in Sensor Networks (IPSN 2006) will continue the success of the previous four symposia to bring together researchers from academia, industry, and government to present and discuss recent work in this emerging field. IPSN draws upon many disciplines including signal and image processing, information and coding theory, networking and protocols, distributed algorithms, wireless communications, machine learning, embedded systems design, and data bases and information management.

Topics covered in technical sessions include, but are not limited to, the following:

Distributed & collaborative signal processing
Network protocols for sensor networks
Coding, compression, and information theory
Distributed query processing
Detection, classification, estimation, tracking
Sensor tasking and control
Networked sensing and control
In-network processing and aggregation
Distributed control and actuation
Distributed inference and fusion
Fault tolerance Network coverage, connectivity & longevity
Data storage in sensor networks
Location and time service
Energy and resource management
Programming models and languages
Real-time scheduling
Applications and demonstrations of sensor networks

Selected papers from the symposium will be invited to submit to the ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks (

Award Announcement:

IPSN '06 Best Paper Award
Near-optimal Sensor Placements: Maximizing Information while Minimizing Communication Cost
Andreas Krause, Carlos Guestrin, Anupam Gupta, Jon Kleinberg

SPOTS Best Paper Award
Sdlib: A Sensor Network Data and Communications Library for Rapid and Robust Application Development, David Chu (UC Berkeley); Kaisen Lin (UC Berkeley); Alexandre Linares (UC Berkeley); Giang Nguyen (UC Berkeley); Joe Hellerstein (UC Berkeley)

Best demo awards:
Best large-scale integration demo:
Dirty Bomb Detection and Localization in a Crowd, Akos Ledeczi (Vanderbilt) and David Resseguie (Oak Ridge National Lab)
Best indoor demo:
Demonstration of The Low Power Energy Aware Processing (LEAP) Embedded
Networked Sensor System
, Dustin McIntire, Kei Ho, Bernie Yip, Sasank Reddy, Thomas Schmid, Amarjeet Singh, Winston Wu, and William J. Kaiser (UCLA)

Important Dates:

IPSN Papers
Abstract Registration: November 4, 2005
Full Manuscript Due: November 11, 2005 (11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time)
Acceptance Notification: January 27, 2006
Camera-ready copy: February 17, 2006

SPOTS Special Track Papers
Abstract Registration: November 11, 2005
Full Manuscript Due: November 18, 2005 (11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time)
Acceptance Notification: January 27, 2006
Camera-ready copy: February 17, 2006

Research Demos
Abstract Due Date: February 3, 2006
Notification: March 3, 2006
Two-Page Web Abstracts: March 27, 2006

Work-in-Progress (WIP)
Abstract due date: March 3, 2006 11:59 pm, EST *New deadline*
Notification: March 13, 2006
Two-Page Web Abstracts: March 27, 2006