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IPSN '03 Presenter Guidelines

Oral presentations will be 25 minutes in length: A maximum of 20 minutes for the talk and 5 minutes for questions. Speakers will be cut off at the 20-minute mark.

An LCD projector will be set up to handle VGA signals. An overhead projector will also be available.

We are attempting to pack a large number of talks into each day, so presenters must be present at the start of the break preceding their session so that they can be miked and their computers can be hooked up to a video switch.



40" x 60" posterboards will be provided at registration.

Posters will hang from the ceiling with the 60" side parallel to the ground (i.e. landscape mode). A table placed underneath the posterboard may be used to hold node or sensor devices or laptops to show demonstrations.

Two posterboard formats are recommended:

1. For presenters with large-format printers, a single sheet can be printed which is larger than the 40"x60" posterboard. The edges are then folded over the posterboard and secured using binder spring clips.

2. A series of individual pages can be tacked onto the posterboard using stick adhesive. A 40"x60" posterboard has room for about 20 8.5"x11" pages. Arrows on the charts to indicate the direction of flow of the posters may be helpful.

Posters must be pre-printed and brought to PARC; no printers will be available to presenters.

Posters must be readable from at least a 5' distance.


A single posterboard will be allocated to each poster presenter, and will be available at the Welcome Reception/Registration on April 21st or at Registration in the PARC Auditorium Foyer starting at 7 am on Tuesday, 22 April. If you prefer to purchase your own foamcore posterboard, the posterboards are available at Office Depot. Please make sure it is no larger than 40" x 60".

Poster presenters are strongly encouraged to pick up their posterboard from registration on Monday evening at the Crowne Plaza Cabana. Glue sticks will be available, along with some binder clips, but poster presenters are advised that it may be more convenient to bring their own.

All posterboards with posters mounted MUST be turned in to the IPSN Workshop Registration Desk (located in the foyer of the PARC Auditorium) by 10:45 am on Tuesday, 22 April. The posterboards will be hung in the foyer for you. The poster session will begin at 12:50 pm. Poster presenters should plan to have one person standing by their poster at all times.

Any presenter requiring electrical power or with other special A/V requests for the poster session or the oral talks must request this a minimum of 2 weeks in advance. Please send requests to our meeting coordinator, Jesse Durham, at


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